Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Freelance Writing Job Boards

Freelance Writing
Sitting at home writing a great story is a dream of many inspiring writers. However, writing can be hard work. Some writers make a living by writing stories, and novels. Some also earn an income writing freelance pieces, journalism and by editing work written by other people.

Deciding What to Write.

There are many topics to choose from when deciding what to write. Coming up with an idea, however sometimes could be a difficult task. Reading regularly could broaden your horizons on choosing a topic that would spark interest. Well-thought out topics with unique content could catch the eye of a reader, and sometimes become a topic in a conversation. It’s a good thing when people are discussing your writings. I mean you’re on the right track. The most important thing to remember is to keep your writing original.

Not everyone can make a living from writing, but by keeping up with the practice of writing you can only get better. Writing free submissions sometimes is a good way to get practice while inspiring ideas for other creative projects.

Finding places where you can submit articles however are not that easy to find. Blogging is one of the most common methods of submitting writings for the world to enjoy. 

Searching for Freelance writing

Question:  Are there other sources that will purchase my articles?
Answer:  Yes, there are, but trying to do a search for them may not lead you directly to the main source. Instead, you may arrive at many different sites that will allow you to join up to their programs, but ask for a membership fee.
Researching Sites.

After researching a number of sites, I understand that many programs seem to cost money. OK, that’s fine, but, I kind of feel that some information should be out there for anyone to access, and probably doesn’t cost anything. So… I changed up my search and began. Using correct search words and phrases is the key. Using keywords like “freelance writing” or freelance writing jobs etc are great choices, but they are the obvious choice. Choosing different search words may deliver different results. Let’s say freelance job forums for example. It’s different then the norm and the results should be different than the average obvious searches. Freelance writing job boards may be another phrase I would use when searching for writing jobs. Creativity will yield better results.

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